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Acey Deucey

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Two Couple Choreography:

Acey Deucey can be used in Two Couple choreography by applying the facing out circulate action for both ends. Make sure the dancers understand that this is a modified version of the definition.

— Heads Pass the Ocean, Swing Thru, Acey Deucey, Boys Run, Acey Deucey, Chain Down the Line, Home

— Touch 1/4, Box Circulate, Single Hinge, Acey Deucey, Girls Run, Acey Deucey, Half Tag, Face In, Home

— Swing Thru, Spin the Top, Single Hinge, Box Circulate, Single Hinge, Acey Deucey, Single Hinge, Walk and Dodge, Partner Trade, Right and Left Thru, Home

— Dixie Style to an Ocean Wave, Boys Trade, Left Swing Thru, Girls Run, Acey Deucey, Bend the Line, Ladies Chain, Home