Walk and Dodge – Standard Applications

Walk and Dodge

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Standard Applications:

Walk And Dodge

— i) Right-Hand Parallel Waves, “1” (Boys facing in, Girls facing out) See comment for “2” (Girls facing in, Boys facing out)
Comment: “1” is the standard usage. It is called much less frequently from “2” Right-Hand Parallel Waves but should not cause significant problems with helping words.

— ii) Right-Hand 1/4 Box (Such as the result of Heads Touch 1/4), Center Box with Boys facing in and Girls facing out
Comment: Common usage is Heads Touch 1/4, Centers Walk & Dodge.

— iii) Facing Lines, “0” (Normal Couples)
Comment: Caller must designate the walker and the dodger. Preceding action that sets up the motion is necessary for smoothness. The commonly used singing call action is Bend the Line, Boys Walk, Girls Dodge, Swing.