Walk and Dodge – Definition

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CALLERLAB Program: Mainstream
Teaching order: After Spin the Top
Recently taught calls: Centers In, Cast Off 3/4

Background: Walk and Dodge was written in 1967 by Holman Hudspeth from Detroit, Michigan. Walk and Dodge was listed after Curlique in the 1976 CALLERLAB Mainstream Program.


Starting formation: Box Circulate, Facing Couples.

Command examples:
— Walk and Dodge
— Right and Left Thru, Girls Walk, Boys Dodge (from a normal couple)

Dance action:

Some dancers move forward (“walk”) to take the position of the dancer in front of them, and other dancers, without changing facing direction, move sideways (“dodge”) into the adjacent spot.

— From a Box Circulate, trailers “walk” and leaders “dodge”.
— From Facing Couples, caller must designate which dancers “walk” and which dancers “dodge”.

Ending formations: Back-to-Back Couples, Box Circulate

Timing: 4

Styling: Arms in natural dance position with dancers forming a couple or mini-wave handhold at the end of the call.


Walk and Dodge is a four-dancer call. From Columns, dancers work in two groups of four, one on each side, ending in a Trade By formation.

As a gimmick, callers may designate some dancers to back up rather than “walking”. For example, Heads Square Thru, Touch 1/4, Walk and Dodge, Girls Back Up and Boys Dodge. From Lines Facing Out, the command Centers Walk, Ends Dodge is also a gimmick, as are other applications where dancers leave their group of four. See “Additional Detail: Commands: Gimmicks”.

There are extended applications in which six or eight dancers work together. For example, after Sides Pass the Ocean, Sides Swing thru, All Boys Run, it is possible to either have the Center 6 Walk and Dodge or the Outside 6 Walk and Dodge. In both cases, four dancers “walk” and two dancers “dodge”. It is also possible to have six dancers “walk” and two dancers “dodge”. For example, Heads Touch 1/4, Side Girls Dodge and Others Walk.

From Facing Couples or Back-to-Back Couples, the command “Walk and Dodge” by itself is improper unless dancers are expected to do their part (see Additional Detail: Commands: Do Your Part).

Facing Couple or Ocean Wave Rule: Neither rule applies

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