Turn Thru – Standard Applications

Turn Thru

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Standard Applications:

Turn Thru

— i) Right & Left Grand Circle, BGBG (Boys facing CCW, Girls facing CW)
Comment: The most frequent follow-up call is Allemande Left.
After a right pull by the variation Left Turn Thru is usually safe before Box the Gnat with Partner.

— ii) Wrong Way Thar or the same dancer locations without the hand holds, 4 Boys in the center
Comment: A common singing call sequence is Men Promenade, Turn Thru with your partner, Allemande Left.

— iii) Right-Hand Parallel Waves, “1/2″ (Boys in center, Girls on end)
Comment: Frequently it is preceded by Swing Thru and followed by Allemande Left.

— iv) Right-Hand 1/4 Tag, “3″ (Boys in very center, Normal Couples outside)
Comment: The call is directed to the Wave and is safest if followed by Allemande Left.

— v) Eight Chain Thru, “0″ (Normal Couples)
Comment: Centers Square Thru 3, Left Turn Thru, Right and Left Grand is a nice variation on the common Square Thru 3, Allemande Left resolution.