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CALLERLAB Program: Mainstream
Teaching order: After Tag Fractions
Recently taught calls: Spin Chain Thru, Tag the Line

Scoot Back was written in 1969 by Lee Kopman from Wantagh, New York. Scoot Back is not listed in the 1972 Extended Basics Program of American Square Dancing, but by 1976 Scoot Back was listed in the CALLERLAB Mainstream Program.


Starting formation: Box Circulate, 1/4 Tag, Single 1/4 Tag

Command examples:
— Scoot Back

Dance action:
From a a Box Circulate: Trailers Extend, Arm Turn 1/2, Extend while leaders Box Circulate

From a 1/4 Tag or Single 1/4 Tag: Extend, Arm Turn 1/2, Extend

Ending formations: Box Circulate, 3/4 Tag, Single 3/4 Tag

Timing: 6 steps


Those who Arm Turn 1/2 use a forearm handhold.

Dancers must keep the same hand available, because it is used in the starting formation, the Arm Turn, and the ending formation (for trailers in a Box Circulate and centers of a Single 1/4 Tag).


From a left-handed formation, the Arm Turn is left-handed, and the ending formation is left-handed. Callers sometimes add helping words, e.g., “Scoot Back, use the left”.

Some callers add helping words to indicate which dancers will Arm Turn, e.g., after Heads Square Thru, Touch 1/4, “Scoot Back, Boys Go”. In this situation, it would be improper to call “Boys Scoot Back”, because the command only applies to the boys. It would be proper to call this from Ocean Waves with the boys in the center.

Scoot Back is a four-dancer call. When done from Columns, dancers work in two Box Circulate formations, one on each side.

Another way to describe the dance action for the Trailers in a Box Circulate is: walk directly forward until adjacent with each other, Arm Turn 1/2, and walk directly forward, ending in a position vacated by a Leader.

Facing Couple or Ocean Wave Rule: The Facing Couple Rule does not apply.

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