Eight Chain Thru – Modules

Eight Chain Thru

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— Eight Chain Two = Pass Thru, Trade By
— Eight Chain Two = Centers Arch Dive Thru, Centers Pass Thru

From Normal Facing Lines:
— Star Thru, Eight Chain Four, Star Thru, Right and Left Thru
— Flutterwheel and Sweep 1/4, Eight Chain Four, Star Thru
— Touch 1/4, Boys Run, Trade By, Right and Left Thru, Eight Chain Two (or Six), Star Thru, Right and Left Thru

From Normal Eight Chain Thru:
— Eight Chain Four
— Dive Thru, Centers Pass Thru, Eight Chain Two
— Eight Chain Three, Trade By

Fractional Zeros:
— Eight Chain Four is a True Zero Flip-Flop and a half fractional Geographic Zero

Get-Ins to Partner Line (= Zero Line):
— Heads Lead Right, Eight Chain Two, each four Circle Left three-quarters (Flip-Flop)

Get-Outs from Partner Line:
— Star Thru, Right and Left Thru, Eight Chain Five (or One), Left Allemande
— Right and Left Thru, Star Thru, Eight Chain Two, Box the Gnat, Pass Thru, Trade By, Right and Left Grand
— Flutterwheel and Sweep a Quarter, Pass Thru, Trade By, Eight Chain Three, Left Allemande

Get-Ins to Corner Box (= Zero Box):
— Heads Half Square Thru, Eight Chain Two, Right and Left Thru

Get-Outs from Corner Box:
— Eight Chain Two, Pass Thru, Trade By, Left Allemande