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Cast Off

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Traditional Square Dance:

Top 25124, Recorded by Herb Keys

1 & 3 Square Thru, 2 & 4 do a Frontier Whirl (= California Twirl),
Centers In and Cast Off 3/4 round the world,
Pass Thru and Wheel and Deal, Double Pass Thru,
Girls go left, the Boys go right, and then Star Thru,
Centers Square thru 3/4, Swing that corner maid,
[Allemande Left new corner, come back and Promenade],
Promenade this brand new honey,
Take her to the place that’s sunny
Down by the beautiful sea.

Alternate Duple Contra:

Formation: Alternate Duple facing up or down (Long Eight Chain Thru)

Opposite Swing (or Two-Hand Balance and Star Thru),
Each Four Circle Left Three-Quarters,
Those facing up Split Two and Separate around One to a Line facing down,
Four in Line go down six steps and then U-Turn Back,

Come back up,
Cast Off 3/4 (use 8 steps),
Long Lines Forward and Back (8 steps),
Each Four Circle Left One Quarter and Partners California Twirl.

(Spares at the ends do a Partner Swing, finish as a normal couple facing up or down to wait until the next California Twirl.)