Allemande Thar – Left To – Definition

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CALLERLAB Program: Mainstream
Teaching order: After Allemande Thar
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Background: Allemande Thar was created by Dr. Lloyd Shaw, Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1938. This was during the beginning of the new era in square dancing when many new figures were introduced. The Allemande Left go forward two to an Allemande Thar combination is listed as the usual sequence under “17. Allemande Thar” in Burleson’s Encyclopedia.


Minimum number of dancers needed: Eight

Starting formation for the minimum number needed: Same as Allemande Left (#6)

Command examples:
— Allemande Left To An Allemande Thar, Go Right And Left And Form A Star
— Allemande Left To An Allemande Thar, Go Forward Two, Men Swing In To A Backup Star
— Allemande Left To An Allemande Thar, Go Right And Left And Make An Allemande Thar

Dance action: Allemande Left; Right Pull By; Left Arm Turn to make a Thar with the men in the center.

Ending formations: Thar in motion

Timing: 12

Styling: Same as Allemande Thar (#30.a)

Comments: To avoid dancer confusion with Allemande Thar (#32.a), the caller must always include some instructions about “going forward”. Simply calling “Allemande Left To An Allemande Thar” is improper. Furthermore, although going forward two is most common, it must be specified.

The caller can direct the dancers to Go Forward any number of hands. Each hand is a Pull By, except the last hand, which is normally the start of an Arm Turn into a Thar or Wrong Way Thar.

Facing Couples or Ocean Wave Rule: Does not apply

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