Wheel Around – Standard Applications

Basic Part 2
Wheel Around / Reverse Wheel Around

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Standard Applications:

a) Wheel Around
— i) Couples Promenade (moving CCW), Normal Couples
Comment: Heads (or Sides) Wheel Around is most common. Directing all four couples to be active should not cause appreciable problems.

— ii) Double Pass Thru, “0” (Normal Couples)
Comment: The call is directed to the Centers. The success rate is high if the body flow is smooth and a few clue words are given. (e.g., From Lines Facing Out Wheel and Deal and the Centers Wheel Around to face the outside two.)

— iii) Parallel Two-Faced Lines (Right or Left-Handed), “0” (Normal Couples)
Comment: In some places the use of Couples Circulate, Leaders Wheel Around is making this application safe. Note that this might be the first use of the Leader designation.

— Note that there is increasing use of Wheel Around early in the teaching order as a replacement for Courtesy Turn, California Twirl, or Partner Trade.

— Reverse Wheel Around was added to the list in 2021. It is too soon to have clearly established Standard Applications. It is likely that helping words will be needed while all dancers are learning this call.