Wheel and Deal – Standard Applications

CALLERLAB Program: Basic Part 2
Wheel and Deal

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Standard Applications:

Wheel and Deal

— i) Lines Facing Out, Normal Couples
— ii) Right-Hand Parallel Two-Faced Lines, “0” (Normal Couples)

Comment for i and ii: Although most dancers would probably do a successful Wheel & Deal from any Out-Facing Line or Two-Faced Line Arrangement, they would probably regard the choreography as difficult if called from other than Normal Couples. There is a growing tendency, when called from Right-Hand Two-Faced Lines, for dancers to do a Ferris Wheel instead of a Wheel & Deal.

— iii) Tidal Two-Faced Line (Right or Left Handed), Normal Couples
Comment: This usage is called less frequently than other Formations. More successful if the caller says Each 4 Wheel & Deal, indicates the direction to turn, and follows with Lines Go Up & Back. Caller may also call Center Four Wheel and Deal with similar clues.