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CALLERLAB Program: Basic Part 2
Teaching order: After (Named Dancers) Trade and Couples Trade
Recently taught calls: Wheel Around, Allemande Thar and related calls, Box the Gnat

Background: The term “Trade” was suggested in 1965 by Lloyd Litman of Parma, Ohio. The idea was in use for some years before that under a variety of names. Our Partner Trade was called “Switch Back” by Burford Evans of Prairie Village, Kansas in 1963.


Minimum number of dancers needed: Two

Starting formation for the minimum number needed: Couple only

Command examples:
— Partner Trade
— Double Pass Thru; Leaders Partner Trade
— Boys Partner Trade

Dance action: Trade

Ending formations: Couple

Timing: 4

Styling: Dancers swing their joined hands backward slightly as they release their handhold. This gets them turning in the correct direction as they start moving forward.

It is common to use Partner Trade rather than Trade for a Couple, but both have the same effect. Using Partner Trade helps dancers anticipate passing right shoulders.

Partner Trade is improper when the dancers are not adjacent.

In 2017, the Mainstream Committee voted to restrict Partner Trade to start from a Couple only.

Facing Couples or Ocean Wave Rule: The Facing Couples Rule does not apply.

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