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Basic Part 2
Trade By

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By Brundage and Ella MacDonald, Trenton, Nova Scotia
Printed in Canadian Dancer’s News in 1981

Formation: Alternate Duple with all facing up or down. To set this up from long lines of facing couples, call “Two Ladies Chain, Star Thru”

If there are an odd number of couples, the spare couple can wait at the top or bottom to join in at the Trade By. The new spare should Partner Trade and wait for the next Trade By.

Music: A jig works well for the Heel and Toe section.

– – – -; – Heel and Toe;
– – – -; – – – again;
– – – -; – – – Swing;
– – – -; – Right and Left Thru;

– – – -; – Two Ladies Chain;
– – – -; – – Chain Back;
– – – -; – – Square Thru Two;
– – – -; – – Trade By


Heel and Toe: Join both hands with the one you are facing.
Begin with outside feet – gent’s left and lady’s right.
Touch heel then toe to floor, then step out sideways side, close, side.
Using the inside foot touch heel then toe to floor and step in sideways side, close, side.
Repeat the Heel and Toe action out and in again.
Swing with the same dancer and ending with the lady on the right side of the gent and the couple facing across toward the other line. Everyone should be facing their partner across.

Timing: The next part is standard square dance actions for two couples. However, the contra dance timing is supposed to be eight beats for each of Right and Left Thru, Two Ladies Chain, and Square Thru Two.

Right and Left Thru;
Two Ladies Chain;
Chain Back;
Square Thru Two;

The Trade By is a long version with just the couples facing out at the ends doing the Partner Trade. Everyone else does a Pass Thru. Then join both hands with the next dancer ready to begin the Heel and Toe with the music.

Note: This is a double progression with the first progression occurring at the Swing and the second one at the Trade By.