Touch a Quarter – Standard Applications

Basic Part 2
Touch a Quarter

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Standard Applications:

Touch 1/4
— i) Static Square, Normal Couples
Comment: The call is directed to Heads or Sides

— ii) Facing Lines, All Arrangements
— iii) Eight Chain Thru, All Arrangements
— iv) Right & Left Grand Circle, All Arrangements
Comment for ii, iii, and iv: Touch 1/4 can safely be called to any pair of facing dancers.
The Left Touch 1/4 variation is safest when the right hand has just been in use. Be aware that some dancers rarely encounter left-handed formations.

v) Double Pass Thru, All Arrangements
vi) Trade By, All Arrangements
vii) Inverted Square, All Arrangements
Comment for v, vi and vii: The call is directed to those who are facing.