Swing Thru – Left – Teaching

CALLERLAB Program: Basic Part 2
Swing Thru – Left

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Choreography for Patter Teaching with Singing Call Options:

Teaching Tips:

E.) Action always starts with the right trade unless the caller says LEFT Swing Thru, then the action always starts with a left.

More teaching suggestions:
— This is an “if you can” call. If you cannot, you must stand still.
— Except for Alamo Rings, half of the dancers must stand still during one of the turns.
— There must be two turns – usually End Pairs then Centers, but sometimes Centers then End Pairs.

Quick quote: “Left half turn, right half turn”

Teaching Standard Applications:

Heads Star Thru and Pass Thru,
Left Dosado to a Left-Hand Wave,
Left Swing Thru,
Left Swing Thru again,
Girls Circulate, Boys Circulate
Patter: Allemande Left, Home
Singer: Allemande Left, hold on and Promenade
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Heads Circle Left one quarter and Pass Thru,
Left Square Thru but on 3 Left Dosado to a Left-Hand Wave,
Boys Trade, Left Swing Thru,
Boys Circulate, Left Swing Thru again,
Patter: Left Allemande, Home
Singer: Girls Circulate, Left Allemande, Come back to Promenade
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Heads Lead Left, Single Circle Right 3/4,
Step to a Left-Hand Wave, Centers Trade,
Left Swing Thru, Girls Run Left
Ladies Chain,
Star Thru, Pass Thru,
Patter: Allemande Left, Promenade
Singer: Swing and Promenade
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Left Alamo Swing Thru Break:
Allemande Left in Alamo Style and Balance,
Alamo Swing Thru and Balance, Left Alamo Swing Thru,
Left Allemande all the way to your partner (this is a three-quarter turn),
Grand Right and Left,
Swing and Promenade