Swing Thru – Left – Definition

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CALLERLAB Program: Basic Part 2
Teaching order: After Swing Thru
Recently taught calls: Thar Family and related calls, Box the Gnat, Trade Family, Ocean Wave, Alamo Style

Background: In Burleson’s Encyclopedia Left Swing Thru is defined along with Swing Thru. It is reasonable to conclude that they were created at about the same time.


Minimum number of dancers needed: Usually four

Starting formation: Ocean Wave or Alamo Ring

Command examples:
— Left Swing Thru

Dance action:

Left Swing Thru: Those who can turn 1/2 (180 degrees) by the left; then those who can, turn 1/2 (180 degrees) by the right.

Dancers must work in their group:
— From an Alamo ring, all dancers form one group.
— Otherwise, active dancers form one or more groups of four dancers each.

Ending formations: Ocean Wave, Alamo Ring

Timing: 6

Styling: Use Hands Up throughout the call. (See “Additional Detail: Styling: Arms and Hands”; however, also see “General: Standardization”.)

The first part of the call blends smoothly into the second part.


The Facing Couples Rule applies to these calls.

From a Tidal Wave, Left Swing Thru is danced in the Ocean Wave on each half; no dancers cross the center of the Tidal Wave.

As an extended application, dancers can work in other groups, provided that after applying the Facing Couples Rule they are in a wave of three or more dancers. In this case, the caller must clearly tell those dancers to work together.

Facing Couples or Ocean Wave Rule: The Facing Couples Rule applies. For Left Swing Thru from Facing Couples, the dancers step to a Left-hand Wave.

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