Swing Thru – Analysis

CALLERLAB Program: Basic Part 2
Swing Thru

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Call Analysis:

Hands needed at the start: Right for those who begin
Hands held at the end: Right for the end dancers, both for the center dancers

Body flow at the start: Clockwise for those who begin Swing Thru,
Body flow at the end: Counter-clockwise for those doing the second turn

Good preceding calls:
— Step to a Wave
— Dosado to a Wave
— (From a Wave) Centers Trade

Good following calls:
— Ends Circulate
— Ends U-Turn Back
— (If end is a Right-Hand wave with girls in the center) Right and Left Thru

Ending Formations for Standard Starting Formations and Arrangements:

a) Eight Chain Thru, Normal Couples: Swing Thru
Ends in Parallel Right-hand Waves with the boys in the center

b) Parallel Right-Hand Waves, with boys in the center: Swing Thru
Ends in Parallel Right-Hand Waves with the girls in the center

c) Parallel Right-Hand Waves, with same gender together: Swing Thru
Ends in Parallel Right-Hand Waves with one gender facing in and the other facing out

d) Parallel Right-Hand Waves, with one gender facing in: Swing Thru
Ends in Parallel Right-Hand Waves with the gender that was facing in together on the Right-Hand end of the near wave as the caller sees it.

e) Double Pass Thru, Normal Couples: Centers Swing Thru
Ends in Right-hand 1/4 Tag with boys in the very center and Normal Couples on the outside

f) Alamo Style Wave, BGBG: Alamo Swing Thru
Ends with in the same formation and arrangement as it began. (If girls begin facing out, then they end facing out.)

Some Extended Applications:

a) Parallel Left-Hand Waves, Boys on the end: Swing Thru
Ends in Parallel Left-Hand Wave, Boys in the center

ARC Rulings (Applications Review Committee of CALLERLAB):

Swing Thru (May 2014)
Q. The formation was Two-Faced Line. The calls given were “Begin with a Partner Trade and Swing Thru.”
A. This application was voted to be improper. It does not comply with the Basic 2 definition which is described as starting from an Ocean Wave or Alamo formation and ending in the same formation as the starting formation. The definition also states that the dancers Turn 1/2 by the Right and NOT Partner Trade.