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CALLERLAB Program: Basic Part 2
Teaching order: After Run
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Background: Cross Run was created by Bill Jordan of Eastlake, Ohio and introduced in Jay King’s Handbook of Modern Square Dancing as “a thinking man’s figure”. It is number 334 in Burleson’s Encyclopedia. It was in the Mainstream List when it was published in 1975.


Minimum number of dancers needed: Four

Starting formation: General Line

Command examples:
— Girls Cross Run
— Centers Cross Run
— On Each Side, Centers Cross Run (from a Tidal Wave)
— In the Center Wave, Centers Cross Run (from a Tidal Wave)
— Ends Cross Run

Dance action: Dancers work in a 1×4 Formation, where the cross-runners (designated dancers) must both be centers or both be ends. The others are the non-runners.

The cross-runners walk forward in a semi-circle into the spot vacated by the farther non-runner (ending with the opposite facing direction). That is, each cross-runner will cross the center of the four-dancer formation.

Simultaneously each non-runner moves into the spot of the closer cross-runner without changing facing direction. This position will be on their half of the four-dancer formation. That is, a center non-runner moves into the nearer end position; an end non-runner moves into the nearer center position.

Ending formation: General Line

Timing: 6

Styling: Hands should b lend into the handhold required for the ending formation (i.e., Couple or Mini-Wave).

Comments: From a Tidal Wave (or other 1×8 Formations), callers must carefully identify centers and ends. See the Tidal Wave command examples above and “General: Ways of Naming Dancers: Centers / Ends”.

If the cross-runners are ends facing the same way, they pass right shoulders with each other.

From a General Line, Everyone Cross Run is a gimmick. See the second to last comment of Run.

At Mainstream, Cross Run will almost always be called from a General Line. For other applications, see the final comment of Run.

Facing Couple or Ocean Wave Rule: The Facing Couple Rule does not apply.

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