Pass the Ocean – Definition

Teaching Resource for PASS THE OCEAN

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CALLERLAB Program: Basic Part 2
Teaching order: After Run
Recently taught calls: Ocean Wave Family, Alamo Style, Swing Thru

Background: Pass the Ocean was created in 1965 by Holman Hudspeth from Detroit, Michigan. It was added to the CALLERLAB Basic Program between 1980 and 1984.


Minimum number of dancers needed: Four

Starting formation for the minimum number needed: Restricted at Basic and Mainstream to Facing Couples only

Command examples:
— Pass the Ocean

Dance action: Pass Thru; Face your Partner; Step to a Wave

Ending formations: Right-Hand Ocean Wave

Timing: 4

Styling: The 3-part definition is smoothed out. The left-side dancers walk in a forward arc to the right to their ending position. The right-side dancers walk forward to join left hands (hands up styling) and turn 1/4 with each other.

Comments: The application of the Ocean Wave Rule to this call is not used at Basic and Mainstream. It may be applied in the other programs.

Even though the styling encourages a smoothed out dance action, the definition of Pass the Ocean has three distinct parts and callers may take advantage of this in their choreography.

This call should not be fractionalized at Basic and Mainstream.

Facing Couple or Ocean Wave Rule: The Ocean Wave Rule applies but is not used at Basic and Mainstream.

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