Ocean Wave – Balance – Other

CALLERLAB Program: Basic Part 2
Ocean Wave – Balance

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Sicilian Circle:

Formation: Sicilian Circle of couples facing couples in a large circle like spokes of a wheel
Music: Something with strong eight beat phrasing

Star Right,
Star Left,
Solo Turn to Right (individual loop to right and back to place in 8 steps),
(With Opposite) Dosado to a Wave,

Balance and Right Turn Half,
Balance and Centers Left Turn Half,
Partner Swing (end facing the other couple),
Circle Left 1/4 and Pass Thru
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Traditional Square Dance:

The original figure for “Life on the Ocean Wave” is just the first section of the version below. This Version 2 includes “more complicated movements to make it suitable for more advanced dancers”.

From Square and Folk Dancing by Hank Greene

The head two gents cross over and by the ladies stand,
The side two gents cross over and you all join hands,
Now bow to the corner lady and then to your partners all,
Swing the corner lady and promenade the hall.

Head two gents give right hands ‘cross, you’re doin’ mighty fine,
On with your left, don’t let go, and balance four in line,
Now break in the center, pass halfway round and balance your line again,
Then break that line and swing your doe, round and round you go,
The head two ladies chain across, hurry, don’t be slow,
Now chain right back across the hall, back to your partners you go.

Side two gents give right hands ‘cross, etc.

After once through all three parts the gents are at home with their original corner girl as their partner. Repeat all three parts three more times to return all dancers to their home position.

Explanation of Calls:

Part 1:
Gentlemen One and Three walk across the set, passing right shoulders, exchange places, and stand next to their opposite ladies.

Gentlemen Two and Four walk across the set, passing right shoulders, exchange places, and stand next to their opposite ladies.

All dancers join hands and form a circle of eight. While holding hands, all dancers bow to their corners, then to their partners.

Each gentleman now swings the lady on his left, then takes her as his new partner and promenades her to his new position (the one to which he had crossed).

Part 2:
Gentlemen One and Three walk across the set and exchange places with each other, touch right hands as they pass.

Gentlemen One and Three walk towards each other again and join left hands. Still holding left hands, they walk past each other and join right hands with their partners. The four dancers holding hands are now standing in a line of four, straight across the set, facing in alternate directions. This is an ocean wave formation. Since the end dancers and the dancers adjacent to them have right hands joined, it is a right-hand wave. At the call “balance four in line”, all take one step forward and pause while bringing the other foot forward, touching it to the floor without transferring weight. Each steps back on the free foot and pauses while touching the other foot beside it.

Gentlemen One and Three release each other’s left hand but continue to hold on to their partner’s right hand. The gentlemen do a right allemande with their partners, just halfway around, so that the ladies finish this movement in the center of the set.

The ladies join left hands, and once again the dancers are standing in a line of four, straight across the set, facing in alternate directions forming another wave. At the call “balance your line again”, all four take one step forward, then one step backward.

The two ladies release left hands and both couples swing partners back to their original positions.

The same two ladies chain across the set, then chain back to their partners.