Flutterwheel – Reverse – Teaching

CALLERLAB Program: Basic Part 2
Flutterwheel – Reverse

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Choreography for Patter Teaching with Singing Call Options:

Teaching Tips:

Flutterwheel/Reverse Flutterwheel
A.) For Reverse Flutterwheel, dancer on the left side of a couple goes to the center with left arm holds.
B.) For both actions the ones going into the center use outside arm holds to wheel across picking up the opposite dancer with near hands returning to the starting spot.
C.) Action can be described as a two-finned water wheel.
D.) Dancer not leading the action can follow the leader after leading them towards the center.
E.) Don’t let go of the arm hold in the center until you are ready to back out at the starting spot.

More teaching suggestions:
— Demonstrate the action. Emphasize the center forearm handhold, and the need to anticipate the pick-up by beginning to move ahead.

Quick quote: “Left dancer use left forearm, right dancer ready to lead new partner to other side”

Teaching Standard Applications:

Heads Reverse Flutterwheel,
Head Ladies Chain,
Sides Reverse Flutterwheel,
Side Ladies Chain,
Patter: Home
Singer: All Four Ladies Chain 3/4, Promenade
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Head Ladies Chain
Sides Lead Right, [ Dosado to a Wave ]
Swing Thru, Boys Run, Bend the Line,
Men Lead Reverse Flutterwheel,
Patter: Square Thru 3, Allemande Left, Promenade
Singer: Keep her and Promenade
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Heads Pass Thru, Separate Around 2 to Line,
Forward and Back, Pass Thru and U-Turn Back,
Ladies lead Flutterwheel,
Men lead Reverse Flutterwheel,
Patter: Square Thru 3, Allemande Left, Face In, Home
Singer: Keep her and Promenade
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Heads Lead Left and Veer Right,
Couples Circulate,
Leaders Reverse Wheel Around,
Reverse Flutterwheel, [Forward and Back],
Pass the Ocean, Ladies Trade,
Patter: Boys Run, Reverse Wheel Around, Wrong Way Promenade home
Singer: Girls Circulate, Swing Corner and Promenade