Flutterwheel – Reverse – Definition

Teaching Resource for REVERSE FLUTTERWHEEL

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CALLERLAB Program: Basic Part 2
Teaching order: After Flutterwheel and before Sweep 1/4
Recently taught calls: Wheel and Deal, Double Pass Thru, First Couple Left …

Background: Flutter Wheel is #1109 in Burleson’s Encyclopedia and Reverse Flutter Wheel is #1358. Both calls were written in 1970 by Don Williamson of Greeneville, Tennessee and originally were described with a somewhat different body flow than we use today.


Minimum number of dancers needed:

Starting formation: Facing Couples

Command examples:
— Reverse Flutterwheel
— Reverse the Flutter

Dance action:

The left hand dancers go in to the center and turn by the left forearm. As they move adjacent to the opposite dancer, they reach out with the free (right) hand and, taking the left hand of the opposite dancer, each continues on around to the original left hand dancer’s starting position, releasing arms in the center and turning as a couple to face the center.

Ending formations: Facing Couples

Timing: 8 (SS All four ladies, 12 steps)

Styling: Each dancer who is on the outside blends smoothly into a new couple by turning slightly to become adjacent to the approaching dancer and reaching out to create a couple handhold. Some dancers begin moving forward before hand contact is made and then walk slightly ahead of their new partner so that the overall motion is smoother.

When the outside dancers are women, they may use skirt work with their free hand.

Comments: From a Squared Set, for “All 4 Women Lead, Flutterwheel” or “Everyone Reverse the Flutter” see the section “Additional Detail: Extensions like Reverse Wheel Around”.

Facing Couple or Ocean Wave Rule: The Ocean Wave Rule does not apply.

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