Box the Gnat – Analysis

Basic Part 2
Box the Gnat

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Call Analysis:

Hands needed at the start: Right
Hands held at the end: Right

Body flow at the start: Forward
Body flow at the end: Backward

Good preceding calls:
— Allemande Left
— Wrong Way Grand
— Ladies Chain and Rollaway

Good following calls:
— Wrong Way Grand
— Grand Right and Left
— Right and Left Thru
— Pass Thru

Ending Formations for Standard Starting Formations and Arrangements:

a) Static Square, Normal Couples: Heads Box the Gnat
Ends with the Heads Half Sashayed and usually holding right hands with the dancer with whom they did the Box the Gnat.

b) Facing Lines, Normal Couples: Box the Gnat
Ends in Facing Lines of Half-Sashayed Couples

c) Eight Chain Thru formation, Half-Sashayed Couples: Box the Gnat
Ends in Eight Chain Thru formation, Normal Couples

d) Facing Lines, “1” (= Boys on Left) or “2” (= Girls on Left): Box the Gnat
Ends in Facing Lines of the opposite type (“1” becomes “2” or “2” becomes “1”)

e) Right & Left Grand Circle, All 4 Boys facing one way, all 4 Girls facing the other way: Box the Gnat
Ends in a Right & Left Grand Circle with all facing in the opposite direction from when they started.

Some Extended Applications:

a) Success is highest when the end result is Normal Couples and the next call is something like “Right and Left Thru”. If the “Box the Gnat” begins in Normal Couples and ends in Half Sashayed Couples, the following choreography will likely include some extended application.

ARC Rulings (Applications Review Committee of CALLERLAB): (none)