Wrong Way Grand – Definition

Teaching Resource for WRONG WAY GRAND

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CALLERLAB Program: Basic Part 1
Teaching Order: For Basic programs the suggested teaching order is after Box the Gnat and before Slip the Clutch. For use in the Basic Part 1 program, the applications here can be taught after U-Turn Back.
Recently Taught Calls: Pass Thru, Half Sashay, U-Turn Back

Background: Wrong Way Grand is listed as #3834 in the December 1982 Supplement of Burleson’s Encyclopedia.


Minimum number of dancers needed: Eight

Starting formation for the minimum number needed: Same as for Right and Left Grand (#8a), except with men facing wrong way promenade direction, women facing promenade direction

Command examples:
— Wrong Way Grand

Dance action: Same as for Right and Left Grand (#8a), except the men go in wrong way promenade direction and women go in promenade direction

Ending formation: Right and Left Grand Circle

Timing: 10

Styling: Same as for Right and Left Grand (#8a)

Facing Couple or Ocean Wave Rule: Wrong Way Grand is defined to begin from Facing Couples or Facing Dancers or from a Right-hand Ocean Wave or Mini-Waves.

Link to Taminations: Taminations Right and Left Grand Family