Weave The Ring – Definition

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CALLERLAB Program: Basic Part 1
Teaching Order: After Arm Turns and before Star
Recently Taught Calls: Promenade, Allemande Left

Background: Weave the Ring is #26 in Burleson’s Encyclopedia so it has clearly been in use since the beginning of modern square dancing. However, it does not appear in most traditional square dance books.


Minimum number of dancers needed: Eight

Starting formation for the minimum number needed: Right and Left Grand Circle

Command examples:
— Weave the Ring

Action Definition: Dancers do a no-hands Right and Left Grand.

Ending Formations: Right and Left Grand Circle

Timing: 10

Styling: Women work their skirt with both hands as they move around the square. Men hold hands in natural dance position. Dancers lead with their right shoulder as they pass the dancer on the right, then with the left shoulder as they pass the dancer on the left. Brief eye contact should be made as they meet each dancer. Attention should be paid to keeping the circle a reasonable size (i.e., not too large).

Comments: Some groups have flourishes which extend the timing to 16 beats requiring a phrased delivery.

Weave the Ring is best danced to a well timed delivery, often preceded by an Allemande Left. Surprise or variety in starting formations is not recommended. While the Ocean Wave Rule applies to this call, its application is also not recommended.

Facing Couple or Ocean Wave Rule: The Ocean Wave Rule applies for parallel Right-Hand Waves; however, this application is rarely used.

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