Star Thru – Modules

Basic Part 1
Star Thru

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— From Normal Facing Couples: Star Thru twice = Right and Left Thru

— From Normal Facing Couples: Circle Left Halfway, Veer Left, Chain Down the Line, Star Thru
— From Normal Facing Lines: Star Thru, Pass Thru, Centers Right and Left Thru, Centers Pass Thru, Star Thru

Technical Zeros:
— From Corner Box or other Eight Chain Thru formation with the both genders in the same sequence (this is the classic Invert and Rotate Module): Star Thru, Pass Thru, Bend the Line, Star Thru

Fractional Zeros:

Get-Ins to Partner Line (= Zero Line):
— Heads Lead Right, Star Thru, Circle Left 1/4, Star Thru (again)
— Head Ladies Chain, Heads Star Thru and Pass Thru, Star Thru, Right and Left Thru, Two Ladies Chain

Get-Outs from Partner Line (= Zero Line):
— Right and Left Thru, Star Thru, Pass Thru, Allemande Left

Get-Ins to Corner Box (= Zero Box):
— Heads Star Thru, Right and Left Thru and Pass Thru

— Heads Right and Left Thru and Rollaway and Star Thru

— Heads Star Thru, Centers Circle Left Halfway and Pass Thru

— Head Two Ladies Chain, Sides Lead Right, Star Thru, Forward and Back, Star Thru

Get-Outs from Corner Box (= Zero Box):
— Star Thru, Right and Left Thru, Pass Thru, Allemande Left