Square Thru – Other

Basic Part 1
Square Thru

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Contra Style Drills for Variety, Timing and Awkward Numbers:

Formation: Couples facing couples like spokes of a wheel in a big circle around the hall

Circle Left (8), Circle Right (8),
Star Right (8), Star Left (8),
Ladies Right Arm Turn Halfway (or 1 1/2) to Switch Places (8),
Gents Right Arm Turn Halfway (or 1 1/2) to Switch Places (8),
Right hand with Opposite, Balance and Square Thru Three and Move on (16)

Formation: Couples facing couples in contra lines
(It is possible to place a spare couple at one end. Those dancers should stand ready to do the left diagonal Right and Left Thru.)

Opposite Claps (knees two, hands two, opposite 3 times) (8),
Partner Claps (8),
Star Right (8),
Star Left (8),

Right hand to Opposite and Balance (4),
Square Thru Two and then Face In and look to left (12),
Left diagonal Right and Left Thru (if no couple there, do nothing) (8),
Long Lines Forward and Back (8)

Formation: Contra lines like a long Eight Chain Thru
(Neutral Couples at the end should California Twirl while waiting.)

Circle Left (8),
Circle Right (8),
Those facing up Split Two Around One to Lines facing down (8),
Lines of four go down the hall for six steps then U-Turn Back (8),

Come back up and Bend the Line (8),
Long Lines Forward and Back (8),
With partner Balance and begin Square Thru Four (16)