Square Thru – Analysis

Basic Part 1
Square Thru

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Call Analysis:

Hands needed at the start: Right hands should be free at the start.

Hands held at the end: After Square Thru 2 or 4 the right hand is free. After Square Thru 1, 3 or 5 the left hand is free.

Body flow: The beginning and ending action is forward. During the call, half of the dancers are moving clockwise and the other half are moving counterclockwise.

Good preceding calls:
— Forward and Back
— Bend the Line
— Heads Lead Right
— Heads Star Thru and Pass Thru
— Heads Make a Left Hand Star to your corner

Good following calls:
a) After Square Thru Two or Four:
— Dosado
— Pass Thru
— Make a Right Hand Star
— Square Thru (n)

b) After Square Thru Three:
— Left Allemande
— Left Swing Thru

Ending Formations for Standard Starting Formations and Arrangements:
The action begins from facing couples and ends with couples back-to-back.

a) Static Square:
Square Thru 1 or 3 ends with the active couple facing out
Square Thru 2 or 4 ends in Eight Chain Thru

b) Eight Chain Thru:
Square Thru 1 or 3 ends in Trade By
Square Thru 2 or 4 ends in Lines Facing Out

c) Facing Lines:
Square Thru 1 or 3 ends in Lines Facing Out
Square Thru 2 or 4 ends in Trade By

d) Double Pass Thru: Centers Square Thru 1 or 3
Ends in Eight Chain Thru

Some Extended Applications:
a) Eight Chain Thru, Normal Couples: Square Thru 2 1/2
Ends in parallel Right-hand Waves with boys on the ends.

ARC Rulings (Applications Review Committee of CALLERLAB):

(July/August 2005)
Q: The following calls were used from a Static Square: “Heads Square Thru Three, Face Right and Single File Promenade 1/4.” After the Heads Square Thru Three, are they in the center of the square or further out on a squared set spot?
A: According to the current definitions, the dancers are still in the center of the square. However, it is possible to accomplish the above action with proper Command Timing of giving the succeeding call such as; “Heads/Sides Square Thru Three (on beat 4 or 5 give the next command) “Both Turn Right (rather than Face Right) and Single File Promenade Outside One Quarter.”

(June 2008)
A: According to a new section in the preface of the Basic/Mainstream definitions (the Squared Set Convention), the dancers are further out on squared set spots.