Separate to Middle – Teaching

Basic Part 1
Separate to Middle

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Choreography for Patter Teaching with Singing Call Options:

Teaching Tips:

Separate Around 1 or 2
A.) From a squared set have heads/sides Pass Thru, Separate Around Two, and Swing at Home.
B.) Make sure they are counting the inactive dancers.
C.) If you meet someone while you are dancing pass right shoulders.
D.) If the inactive dancers need to slide apart be sure to slide back together like a sliding door.
E.) Take hands to form lines if called.

More Teaching suggestions:

— The expression “Come Down the Middle” has traditionally been used when the dancers are coming into the center through a vacant home spot. For example: “Heads Pass Thru and Separate Around Two, Come Down the Middle…”

— The expression “Come Into the Middle” should be used when the active dancers are squeezing between the inactive dancers. It may also be used in place of “Down the Middle” as described above.

— “Come Into the Middle” is often phrased as “Come Into the Middle With A ___” so that the second call is quickly and easily identified by the designated dancers.

Quick quote: “Actives listen carefully, others counter dance”

Teaching Standard Applications:

Heads Promenade Halfway,
Down the middle Pass Thru,
Separate Around One into the Middle,
Heads Pass Thru in the middle,
Patter: Allemande Left, Grand Right and Left, Promenade Home
Singer: [ Dosado and Pass Thru, Allemande Left, come back ] Swing Corner, Promenade
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Heads Pass Thru and Separate around Two,
Down the middle make a Right-hand Star,
Turn it to your corner, Allemande Left,
Patter: Partner Dosado and Promenade
Singer: Turn Partner Right, Swing Corner, Promenade