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Basic Part 1
Separate to Middle

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Traditional Square Dance


First Couple

Down the center and cut off six,
Lady go right and gent go left.
Side couples Circle Left halfway.
Swing when you meet and do it up neat,
Swing your head, your toe swing too,
Roll ’em around like you used to do.

Down the center and cut off four,
Lady go gee and the gent go haw.
Side couples circle left halfway.
When you get home you swing some more,
Swing on the head, the toe swing too,
You swing her and she’ll swing you.

Down the center cut off two,
And all swing out like you used to do.
Now if she slips don’t let her fall,
Go allemande left to the corners all.
A grand right and left all over the hall.
Honour your partner, pass her by,
Wink a the next one on the sly;
Now swing ’em low or swing ’em high.

Repeat for the second, third and fourth couples.

Leading couple goes between far couple where they turn away from each other and return outside the set back to place.
Cut off four or two: Turn left or right either one or two persons earlier than for ‘cut off six’.

Note: The modification is the replacement of the original Right and Left Through for the sides with Circle Left halfway.