Sashay – Rollaway – Other

Basic Part 1

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By Calvin and Judy Campbell
Formation: Circle of couples each with gent on the left and lady on the right, all facing the center of the circle.
Music: “Iko Iko” on Sounds 2000 #2007,
or “Needham Special” on Lloyd Shaw 302,
or other well phrased traditional or modern music
(test music for clear timing on the claps and “hey”)

Prompts (this should be pre-cued):

Circle Left Four, Rollaway,
Circle Left Four, Rollaway,
Gents Forward Four, Ladies Forward Four,
All back up, face and clap, (right, left, both, “Hey”),

Partner Dosado,
Swing (ending as a couple facing Promenade direction),
Walk Three and raise Knee, Back Three and Touch,
Walk Six and couples turn to face in.

1-4 Everyone Circle to the Left four steps.
5-8 Ladies Rollaway in four steps.
9-16 Repeat Circle Left four steps and Ladies Rollaway.
17-20 Gents walk forward into the center of the circle four steps.
21-24 Ladies walk forward into the center four steps.
25-28 Current partners back out and turn to face each other in four steps (gent is dancing with the lady on his right).
29-32 Partners clap right hands, clap left hands, clap both hands, raise both hands to shoulder height with thumbs up and say “Hey!”.

33-40 Partners Dosado.
41-48 Partners Swing ending as a couple facing Promenade direction around the big circle.
49-52 Dancers walk forward three steps and raise their free knee on beat four.
53-56 Dancers back up three steps and touch their free foot on beat four.
57-64 Dancers walk forward six steps and turn as a couple to face the center of the circle on the last two beats ready to begin again.