Right and Left Grand – Definition

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CALLERLAB Program: Basic Part 1
Teaching Order: After Arm Turns and before Star
Recently Taught Calls: Promenade, Allemande Left

Background: The Grand Right and Left action is a part of many international folk dances. Within traditional American square dances, it was often called a Grand Chain Eight. In many cases partners meeting at the halfway point would balance or do some other acknowledgement and then continue on around until partners met again near their home position.


Minimum number of dancers needed: Eight

Starting formation for the minimum number needed: Right and Left Grand Circle, Eight Chain Thru, Trade By plus the ends Face In

Any of the above in which some or all dancers have stepped to a mini-wave, or any formation in which dancers may conveniently turn up to 90 degrees so the men face promenade direction, women face wrong way promenade direction, and the formation is now one of the above.

Command examples:
— Right and Left Grand
— Grand Right and Left

Dance action: If necessary, men turn up to 90 degrees to face promenade direction and women turn up to 90 degrees to face reverse promenade direction. Dancers blend into a circular formation as they Right Pull By, Left Pull By, Right Pull By, Left Pull By.

Ending formation: Right and Left Grand Circle

Timing: 10

Styling: Hands are involved with alternating pull-by movements, no twirls. Arms should be held in natural dance position and the handhold position should be released as dancers pass each other. Men particularly should stand tall and resist the temptation to lean over and stretch out their hand to the next person. Just a comfortable extension of the arm and hand is all that is necessary.


Facing Couple or Ocean Wave Rule: Right and Left Grand is defined to begin from either Facing Couples or Facing Dancers or from a Right-hand Ocean Wave or Mini-Waves.

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