First Left Next Right – Extended Applications

Basic Part 1
First Couple Go Left, Next Couple Go Right

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Teaching Some Extended Applications:

Heads Promenade Halfway,
Down the middle Pass Thru and Separate around One to a Line,
Boys Half Sashay (with each other),
Star Thru, Double Pass Thru,
First Couple Go Left, Next Couple Follow them, Promenade
(for Patter: Girls Roll out back to Partner, Promenade)
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

All turn to your corner and say, “You’re the one”,
Heads Lead Right, Veer Left, Couples Circulate,
All individually face one quarter right, Double Pass Thru,
Lady Go Left, Gent Go Right, (Look for corner) Allemande Left.
Patter: Come back to Partner and Promenade
Short Singer: Hold on, keep her and Promenade