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CALLERLAB Program: Basic Part 1
Teaching order: After Double Pass Thru
Recently taught calls: Right and Left Thru, Star Thru

Background: First Couple Go Left/Right, Next Couple Go Left/Right is first listed in the 1998 the CALLERLAB Programs for Basic and Mainstream as being immediately after Double Pass Thru in the Basic Program. In November 2000 an Addendum to the CALLERLAB MAINSTREAM DEFINITIONS was approved. The purpose of the Addendum is described in the following quotation. “While the content of those programs hasn’t been changed by this 1998 update, some terms and phrases in common use were added which aren’t defined in the existing Mainstream Definitions. Until the definitions are updated, this addendum will serve as a source for those definitions.” This call was moved from Basic Part 2 to Basic Part 1 during the 2018 Triennial Review.


Starting formation: Completed Double Pass Thru

Command examples:
— Double Pass Thru; First Couple Go Left, Next Couple Go Right
— Double Pass Thru; First Couple Go Right, Next Couple Go Left
— Double Pass Thru; First Couple Go Left, Next Couple Go Left; Promenade, Keep Walking
— Double Pass Thru; First Couple Left, Next Right

Dance action: Dancers, with each couple working as a unit, walk forward in an arc in the indicated direction. The center couple walks forward before taking the second direction given.

If the couples are asked to go in opposite directions (e.g., First Couple Go Left, Next Couple Go Right), they should move in a tight circle in their specified direction for half a circle. At this point they will be facing another couple and the ending formation will be Facing Lines. The other couple in their line will be the couple that started facing the same way immediately ahead of or behind them.

If both couples are asked to go in the same direction (e.g., First Couple Go Left, Next Couple Go Left) the ending formation is a Promenade or Wrong Way Promenade, and the next call is usually Promenade.

Ending formations: Facing Lines, Promenade

Timing: 6

Styling: Use couple handholds. Dancers in each couple who are making the tighter turn serve as the pivot point and should exert slight pressure to assist as in any wheel around movement. If the next call is Promenade, adjust to a promenade handhold.

Comments: The following sequence is occasionally used (women must be centers): Tag The Line (or Double Pass Thru); Lady Go Left, Gent Go Right, Allemande Left. The “Go” gets the dancers turning in the specified direction, and the immediate Allemande Left successfully completes the sequence. These definitions are not going to further define “Go” and recommend that callers should not expand on this usage.

Facing Couple or Ocean Wave Rule: Neither rule applies.

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