Double Pass Thru – Definition

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CALLERLAB Program: Basic Part 1
Teaching order: After Star Thru
Recently taught calls: Circulate, Right and Left Thru

Background: Double Pass Thru was created in 1956 by Madeleine Allen from Larkspur California. It was in the Extended Basics Program of American Square Dancing in 1972 and is the last call in the CALLERLAB Extended Basics Lists from 1975. It was moved from Basic Part 2 to Basic Part 1 during the Triennial Review in 2018.


Minimum number of dancers needed: Four

Starting formation: Facing Tandems

Command examples:
— Double Pass Thru
— Heads Half Sashay Once and a Half, Double Pass Thru, Boy Left, Girl Right, Around 1 to a Line

Dance action: Dancers move forward until all dancers have passed two other dancers. Dancers pass right shoulders.

Ending formations: Back-to-Back Tandems

Timing: 4

Styling: Same as for Pass Thru. (Man’s right shoulder slightly forward as right shoulders pass. Arms in natural dance position. Woman works skirt with hands, right hand leading as right shoulders pass.)

Comments: Double Pass Thru is a four-dancer call, but it is most commonly used from the eight-dancer formation of a Double Pass Thru (which is two side-by-side Facing Tandems).

The Ocean Wave Rule applies to this call. That is, it can begin from a Right-Hand 1/4 Tag (or a Right-Hand Single 1/4 Tag).

Except for applications of the Ocean Wave Rule, dancers must start facing each other, rather than offset. For example, Heads Star Thru, Boys Double Pass Thru is improper. However, “Heads Star Thru, Boys on A Diagonal, Double Pass Thru” is a proper extension and ends in Left-Hand Columns.

The “Double” in Double Pass Thru refers to the number of dancers passed by each dancer. When extended, the call would be Triple Pass Thru (from facing Tandems of 3) or Quadruple Pass Thru (from facing Tandems of 4). Dancers are not expected to know these variations without an explanation.

From normal Facing Couples, the sequence Right and Left Thru, Put the Ladies in the Lead (or simply Ladies Lead), All Double Pass Thru relies on directional calling. See the section “Additional Detail: Directional Calling”.

Facing Couple or Ocean Wave Rule: The Ocean Wave Rule applies regarding the center dancers, so this call can begin from a Right-Hand 1/4 Tag.

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