Do Paso – Standard Applications

Basic Part 1
Do Paso

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Standard Applications:

Do Paso
— i) Circle moving either way, BGBG (Normal)
— ii) Right & Left Grand Circle, BGBG, Boys facing CCW, Girls facing CW
— iii) Static Square, Normal Couples

— iv) 4-Dancer Right-Hand Star in the Center, 4 Girls in center, Boys outside facing in or facing CCW.
Comment for i-iv) This call often follows the call Walk Around the Corner. Dancers need a warning about the left-hand start. This is one call that is cued much more often than not and success often depends upon this cuing. Dancers tend to finish in a Thar Star.

— v) 4 Dancers Back-to-Back in the center (facing out), other 4 dancers in single file outside moving CCW, Girls in center, Boys outside
Comment: This is an old figure. In those locations where it has fallen into disuse dancers may need some clue words.