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Basic Part 1
Dive Thru

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Traditional Square Dance

Formation: Square
Music: “Redwing” or other reel with a 64-beat verse

Couple #1 (#2,#3,#4) Lead to the Right, Circle Left Halfway
The Inside Couple Arch, now Dip and Dive and away you go The inside high and the outside low, Turn and come on back,
Now Dive Thru to the right hand two and Circle Left Halfway,

Centers Arch, Dive Thru, go home and Swing,
All Partner Swing and then Promenade that ring For pretty Redwing the breeze is sighing,
While Redwing’s crying her heart away

Description of the traditional Dip and Dive figure:

1-8 The active couple holding adjacent hands moves to their right to face the couple on their right. Those four dancers Circle Left halfway around. This places three couples lined up for the Dip and Dive.

9-28 The inside couple makes an arch then walks forward holding the arch while the outside couple dives thru the arch. The diving couple stands up and makes an arch for the third couple to dive thru. When a couple reaches the outside, they do a California Twirl (raise joined hands, lady turn under hands and gent walk around) to continue back the other way. This continues until all couples are back to the place where they started the Dip and Dive. Each couple must do six actions (Dive, Arch, California Twirl, Dive, Arch, California Twirl) or (Arch, California Twirl, Dive, Arch, California Twirl, Dive) and the whole pattern takes about 18 beats.

29-36 The active couple dives into the middle and turns to face the fourth couple who has been watching the Dip and Dive. Those four Circle Left half around.

37-40 The insides arch and the active couple dives thru moving forward to their home position.

41-64 All Partners Swing then Partners Promenade full around and back to home

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Sicilian Circle:

By Bob Riggs, Centennial, Colorado
Formation: Couples facing couples around the hall like spokes of a wheel, designate couple #1s facing promenade direction with gents on the inside and couple #2s facing clockwise with gents on the outside.
Music: Something lively with a forward drive and clear 8-beat phrasing.

Star Right (8),
Star Left (8),
Ladies Dosado,
Gents Dosado,

Circle Left (8),
Circle Right (8),
1s Arch – Dip and Dive (4 times in 16 beats),
  (1s Arch, then 2s Arch, then 1s Arch, then 2s Arch)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Rectangular Hexagon (assuming four Head Couples):

Heads Star Thru, Center four California Twirl,
All Triple Pass Thru, Outsides California Twirl,
Center Eight arch and outsides Dive Thru two arches
(Only the new outsides California Twirl),
Outside fours Star Thru and Pass Thru,
Patter: All Allemande Left
Singer: Swing Corner, Promenade