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CALLERLAB Program: Basic Part 1
Teaching order: After Circle to a Line and last call in Basic Part 1.
Recently taught calls: Walk Around the Corner, See Saw, Square Thru

Background: The arching, moving over, and ducking under has been part of square dancing for a long time and is round in many traditional square and contra figures. One early version of the call was Inside Arch, Outside Under.


Minimum number of dancers needed: Four

Starting formation for the minimum number needed: Facing Couples (at least one of which is normal)

Command examples:
— Dive Thru
— Right and Left Thru; Heads Arch, Sides Dive Thru
— Promenade, Keep Walking; Heads Wheel Around and make an Arch, Sides Dive Thru
— Dive In To The Middle
— Centers Arch, Dive Thru
— Outsides Dive Thru
— Centers Arch, Outsides Dive Thru

Dance action: One couple makes an arch by raising their joined hands, while the other couple ducks under the arch. Both move forward. The couple making the arch does a California Twirl.

Unless otherwise specified, it is the couple whose back is to the center of square who makes the arch, and the outside couple who ducks under. If neither couple has its back to the center of the set, then the caller must specify who is to make the arch, or who is to Dive Thru the arch, or preferably both.

Ending formation: Tandem Couples

Timing: Couple diving under: 2, couple making the arch: 6

Styling: The couple making the arch uses a loose handhold. Stand far enough apart to allow another couple to dive under. It is permissible for dancers making the arch to part hands momentarily if it is uncomfortable to reach over diving dancers. The couple making the arch should keep the arch, and blend smoothly into the California Twirl, rather than dropping their hands and then raising them again.

Couple diving under uses couple handhold. Bend low enough and stay close enough to partner to move comfortably underneath the arch.

Comments: While the smallest starting formation is listed, Dive Thru is almost always called from an Eight Chain Thru formation, ending in a Double Pass Thru formation.

From a couple facing a single dancer, one could call, for example, Centers Arch, Head Lady Dive Thru.

The couple making the arch must be a normal couple in order to be able to do the California Twirl.

Facing Couple or Ocean Wave Rule: The Ocean Wave Rule does not apply to Dive Thru.

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