Courtesy Turn – Standard Applications

Basic Part 1
Courtesy Turn

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Standard Applications:

Courtesy Turn
— i) Any Back-to-Back Couples, or directed to Couples who are Facing Out, Normal Couples
Comment: Courtesy Turn is a useful move during beginner class to accomplish the equivalent of California Twirl, Partner Trade, or Trade By. In common Basic choreography it is rarely used as a separate move, so dancers may need some cue words.

— ii) Lines Facing Out, “0” (Normal Couples)
Comment: Reasonably smooth if preceding move sets up a normal feel (e.g., Square Thru 3 and finish with a Courtesy Turn).

— iii) Eight Chain Thru, “1” (Girls in the center with their left hand free)
Comment: One common usage starts from Double Pass Thru “1” (Girls in the center): Girls Square Thru 3, Boys reach out and Courtesy Turn this Girl. (Note the Girls Square Thru is not Standard.)