Circulate – Split and Box – Analysis

Basic Part 1
Circulate – Split and Box

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Call Analysis:

Hands needed at the start: Neither
Hands held at the end: Neither (until formation connections are made)

Body flow at the Start: Forward for those facing into their box, CW or CCW for those facing out of their box
Body flow at the End: Same as at the start

Good preceding calls:
— Dosado to a Wave

Good following calls:
— Arm Turn
— (named dancers) U-Turn Back
— Swing

Ending Formations for Standard Starting Formations and Arrangements:

a) Parallel Right-Hand Waves, “1” or “2” (same gender all facing in): Split Circulate
Ends in Parallel Right-Hand Waves, with the gender that was facing in now facing out

b) Center Right-Hand Box with shoulders to two couples facing in, Normal Couples outside, Girls facing into Box: Box Circulate
Ends in the same formation with the Girls in the Box now facing out.

Some Extended Applications:

ARC Rulings (Applications Review Committee of CALLERLAB):

(November 2000)
Q: Would it be acceptable to call “Split Circulate” from a double pass thru formation?
A: No. Although this may be technically proper, it should not be used as an extension of split circulate as it introduces dancer confusion and bad body flow. The Committee believes it would be bad judgment to expose our dancers to this type usage of calls. We do not want square dancing to evolve in this direction.

(July 2011)
Q: From Two Faced Lines, the call was “All Eight Split Circulate Double”. The caller expected the leaders to Partner Trade and then Pass Thru and the trailers to Pass Thru and then Partner Trade. Is this correct?
A: No as this does NOT comply with the CALLERLAB Basic Identification and is therefore improper. However, the action described above can be achieved at the Advanced Program by virtue of the “Do your part” aspect provided the dancers understand the caller’s intention.