Circulate – Eight and Single File – Standard Applications

Basic Part 1
Circulate – Eight & Single File

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Standard Applications:

All Eight Circulate
— i) Right-Hand Parallel Waves, “0” (Boys on ends, Girls in Center)
Comment: Be aware that dancers facing out often go the wrong way.
— ii) Parallel Two-Faced Lines (Right or Left Handed), All Arrangements
Comment: Usually called as Couples Circulate
— iii) Right or Left Hand Columns, “0”, “1/2”, “3”, “4” (Not GGBB or BBGG)
Usually called as Single File or Column Circulate. (See below)

Single File or Column Circulate
— i) Right-Hand or Left-Hand Columns, “0”, “1/2”, “3”, “4” (Not GGBB or BBGG)
In these arrangements the circulate ends with the opposite sex together. For the other arrangements dancers will hesitate over the stopping spot.