Chain Down the Line – Analysis

Basic Part 1

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Call Analysis:

Hands needed at the start: Ladies Right
Hands held at the end: Both

Body flow at the start: CW for the Girls, CCW for the Boys
Body flow at the end: CCW for all

Good preceding calls:
— Couples Circulate

Good following calls:
— Forward and Back

Ending Formations for Standard Starting Formations and Arrangements:

a) Right-hand Two-Faced Line, Normal Couples: Chain Down the Line
Ends in Normal Facing Couples

b) Left-Hand Wave, Girls in Center: Chain Down the Line
Ends in Normal Facing Couples

Some Extended Applications:

ARC Rulings (Applications Review Committee of CALLERLAB):

(January 2000)
Q: Would the call “Chain Down the Line 3/4” be an extension of “Chain Down the Line” from a quarter tag formation with girls in the center? The same for “T” bone lines and diamonds?
A: Improper.

(May 2012)
The ARC made the following decision: “Chain Down the Line 3/4” and “3/4 Chain Down the Line” were determined to be the same call therefore, they are both improper in accordance with the ARC decision made in 2000.”