California Twirl – Standard Applications

Basic Part 1
California Twirl

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Standard Applications:

California Twirl
— i) Any Normal Couple
Comment: This is the smallest formation required for a California Twirl so any normal couple may be directed to California Twirl. However, the success rate is much lower if the couple is facing another couple because dancers tend to Star Thru instead. Preceding with Star Thru or saying With the one beside you will help.

— ii) Parallel Two-Face Lines (Right or Left Handed), “0” (Normal Couples)
Comment: The call may be directed to all eight or to those facing in or those facing out.

— iii) Lines Facing Out, Normal Couples
Comment: This is a common application

— iv) Lines Facing Out, Normal Couples in the center
Comment: The call is directed to centers only.

— v) Static Square, Out-Facing Square, or Inverted Square (Two couples facing out); Normal Couples
Comment: The call may be directed to Heads, Sides or all eight.
(Note the comment at top.)

— vi) Trade By, “0” (Normal Couples)
Comment: Safest if the call is directed to the outsides only. (See comment at top.)

— vii) Completed Double Pass Thru, “0” (Normal Couples)
Comment: The call may be directed to all eight or just the centers or ends.

— viii) Completed Double Pass Thru, “3” (Leaders Normal) or “4” (Trailers Normal)

— ix) Double Pass Thru, “3” (Normal Couple on outside)
Comment for viii and ix: From arrangements with one couple normal and the other couple half- sashayed, the normal couples may do a California Twirl.
(Note the comment at top.)