Zoom – Analysis

Basic Part 2

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Call Analysis:

Hands needed at the start: Neither
Hands held at the end: Neither except usually a reconnect of Couple handhold

Body flow at the start:
— For the Leaders, either Clockwise or Counter-clockwise
— For the Trailers forward
Body flow at the end: Same as at the start

Good preceding calls:
(At this point in the teaching order, there are very few ways to lead into Zoom with good body flow. Try to avoid the really awkward ones, such as Heads Star Thru.)
— Dive Thru
— Wheel and Deal (from Outfacing Lines)
— Double Pass Thru (good body flow but not a Standard Application)

Good following calls:
— Centers Pass Thru
— Centers Square Thru Three
— Centers Swing Thru

Ending Formations for Standard Starting Formations and Arrangements:

a) Double Pass Thru formation, Normal Couples: Zoom
Ends in Double Pass Thru formation, Normal Couples

Some Extended Applications:

a) Completed Double Pass Thru formation, Normal Couples: Zoom
Ends in Completed Double Pass Thru formation, Normal Couples

ARC Rulings (Applications Review Committee of CALLERLAB):


(January 2000)
Q: Is it proper to call “Zoom” from a Quarter Tag Formation?
A: No.

(July 2006)
Q: Is it proper to call Centers Zoom from Double Pass Thru formation?
A: No. The committee voted this to be improper. If the caller desires for everyone to Zoom, the call is simply “Zoom.” If the caller wants the centers to Pass Thru the call should be simply “Pass Thru.” If the caller uses Centers Zoom and expects the centers to Pass Thru, it is designed to trick the dancers and is destined for failure. The ARC strongly recommends that this call NOT be used at ANY program.

(May 2013)
Q: The formation was Left Hand Columns. The call given was Zoom 1 & 1/2 to end in parallel Right Hand Waves. Is this application proper or improper at the Basic 2 Program?
A: Proper. The half-way point can be readily defined and seen by the dancers. The definition can easily be broken down to see where one-half would be. One-half Zoom is easily identifiable. Fractions are common extensions of calls where applicable. This application has been called by many callers and danced by many dancers all over the world for many years.