Swing Thru – Standard Applications

CALLERLAB Program: Basic Part 2
Swing Thru

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Standard Applications:

a) Swing Thru
— i) Eight Chain Thru, All Arrangements
Comment: Where the Step to a Wave Rule must be applied, making a “0” (Girls in center) wave is safest.

— ii) Right-Hand Parallel Waves, All Arrangements
Comment: In some areas Girls need cuing to do the center trade from a “1/2” (Boys in center) wave start.

— iii) Right-Hand 1/4 or 3/4 Tag, All Arrangements
— iv) Double Pass Thru, “0”, “4” (Normal Couples in center)
— v) Trade By, “0”, “4” (Normal Couples in center)
Comment for iii, iv and v: The call is directed to the Centers only.

— vi) Alamo Style Wave, All Arrangements
All of one sex facing out and the other sex facing in is most common.