Ocean Wave – Step To – Standard Applications

CALLERLAB Program: Basic Part 2
Ocean Wave – Step To

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Standard Applications:

Step to a Wave

— i) Eight Chain Thru formation, All Arrangements
Comment: While “0” waves (Boys on ends, Girls in centers) occur most frequently, most dancers will be comfortable stepping into all Ocean Wave Arrangements.

— ii) Eight Chain Thru formation, “0” (Normal Couples)
Comment: The Step to a Left-Hand Wave variation is safest ending with Boys in the center and Girls on the ends but even this is uncommon.

— iii) Double Pass Thru, All Arrangements
— iv) Trade By, All Arrangements
Comment for iii, iv: The call is directed to those facing. Starting from a Double Pass Thru to form a 1/4 Tag is used more often than the others.

— v) Facing Lines, All Arrangements

Dosado to a Wave

— i) Eight Chain Thru, “0” (Normal Couples)
Comment: Other arrangement often need clue words.

The variation Left Dosado to a Left-hand Wave can also be successful with clue words.
Be aware that some dancers rarely encounter left waves.

— ii) Double Pass Thru, “0”, “4” (Normal Couples in the Center)
— iii) Trade By, “0”, “4” (Normal Couples in the Center)
Comment for ii, iii: The call is directed to those in the center.

All Eight Circulate

— i) Right-Hand Parallel Waves, “0” (Boys on ends, Girls in Center)
Comment: Be aware that dancers facing out often go the wrong way.