Box the Gnat – Standard Applications

Basic Part 2
Box the Gnat

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Standard Applications:

a) Box the Gnat
— i) Any Two Facing Dancers, Opposite gender facing
Comment: This is the smallest formation for Box the Gnat and is likely safe as long as the active dancers are clearly identified. Clue words may be needed to ensure the dancers are facing each other after the move.

— ii) Static Square or Inverted Square (heads or sides facing in, others facing out), Opposite sexes facing each other
Comment: Directed to Heads or Sides or those facing in. Make sure the dancers are facing each other before continuing or there will be significant breakdown.

–iii) Various Formations such as the 4 listed below, Opposite gender facing each other
—- Facing Lines, “0”, “1/2”, “1”, “2”, Directed to Ends, Centers or all eight
—- Eight Chain Thru, “0”, “1/2”, “1”, “2”, Directed to all eight
—- Trade By, “0”, “1/2”, “3”, “4”. Directed to Centers only
—- Double Pass Thru, “0”, “1/2”, “3”, “4”. Directed to Centers only

— iv) Right & Left Grand Circle, All 4 Boys facing one way, all 4 Girls facing the other way
Comment: Commonly used either before or after a Right and Left Grand or a Wrong Way Grand.