Wheel Thru – Analysis

Advanced 1

Wheel Thru

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Call Analysis:

Hands needed at the start: Neither
Hands held at the end: Adjacent

Body flow at the start: Turning to the right
Body flow at the end: Same as at the start

Good preceding calls:
— From Squared Set: Heads Wheel Thru
— Forward and Back
— Flutterwheel

Good following calls after Heads/Sides Wheel Thru:
— Right and Left Thru
— Swing Thru
— Touch 1/4
— Wheel Thru

Possible Modifiers:
— and Roll
— Left (later in the teaching order)

ARC Rulings (Applications Review Committee of CALLERLAB):

Wheel Thru (Left Wheel Thru)
(May 2013)
Q: The formation is Left Hand Ocean Wave. The call given was Wheel Thru and, Left Wheel Thru from a Right Hand Ocean Wave. Is this application proper or improper at the A-1 Program?
A: Improper. The Advanced General Rules specifically exclude this application. Under “Ocean Wave Rules” there is the following statement: “The Ocean Wave Rule applies ONLY to these Advanced calls. “Wheel Thru” is NOT listed.