Chain Reaction – Analysis

Advanced 1

Chain Reaction

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Call Analysis:

Hands needed at the start: Depends on the dancer’s position.

Hands held at the end: Adjacent hands in Parallel Waves or General Lines

Body flow at the start: Those doing Pass Thru are moving Forward. Two dancers are Promenading. Two dancers are hesitating for the Pass Thru and then are turning.

Body flow at the end: Casting in the center, moving up on the ends

Good preceding calls:
— Heads Pass the Ocean
— Ping Pong Circulate
— Ferris Wheel, Centers Step to a Wave

Good following calls:
— Swing Thru
— Centers Run
— Explode and (anything)

Possible Modifiers:
— and Roll (6 dancers can roll)
— and Spread
— Do Not Turn the Star
— Turn the Star 1/2
— Turn the Star 3/4

ARC Rulings (Applications Review Committee of CALLERLAB):

(June 2008)
Q: Is it proper to call Chain Reaction from an “I” formation?
A: NO. The committee voted this is not proper because this application does not comply with the written CALLERLAB definitions