Pass to the Center – Definition

Teaching Resource for PASS TO THE CENTER

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CALLERLAB Program: Mainstream
Teaching order: After Eight Chain Thru
Recently taught calls: Cloverleaf, Turn Thru

Background: Pass to the Center was written in 1966 by Jack Murtha from Yuba City, California. His goal was an alternative to Dive Thru that works from waves where Dive Thru doesn’t. In 1972 it was listed in the Extended Basics Program of American Square Dancing. In 1975 it was number 40 in the CALLERLAB Tentative Mainstream List Teaching Progression. In 1980 it was moved to Mainstream.


Starting formation: Eight Chain Thru

Command examples:
— Pass to the Center

Dance action: Pass Thru. Those looking out of the square Partner Trade.

Ending formations: Double Pass Thru

Timing: Dancers who finish in the center: 2. Dancers who finish on the ends: 6.

Styling: Same styling as Pass Thru and Partner Trade.

On the Pass Thru, some dancers should be coming into the center and other dancers should be heading towards the outside. This call is not proper from Facing Lines.

This call is not proper from Left-Hand Ocean Waves. See Pass Thru (#10).

Facing Couple or Ocean Wave Rule: The Ocean Wave Rule applies to this call.

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