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CALLERLAB Program: Mainstream
Teaching order: After Allemande Thar group
Recently taught calls: Cloverleaf, Turn Thru, Eight Chain Thru, Pass to the Center

Background: Couples Hinge was written in 1970 by Ron Schneider from Berea, Ohio. It was extracted from a longer movement by Ron called “Couples Hinge and Trade”. From a Two-Faced Line, the Couples Hinge movement is actually a fractionated version of older movements called “Four in Line You Travel” and “Weathervane”. Weathervane is still used in contra dancing.

Couples Hinge is listed in Burleson’s Encyclopedia as number 1013. Partner Hinge is number 1285. Single Hinge is number 2008 which is among the calls in the 1975 Supplement.

The Hinge Family was listed as number 68 in the 1975 CALLERLAB Tentative Mainstream List. In 2009 it was moved to number 56 in the Mainstream teaching order.


A hinge is a half of a trade. Any two adjacent couples or dancers who can trade can also hinge.


Starting formation: One-Faced Line and Two-Faced Line only

Command examples:
— Couples Hinge

Dance action: 1/2 Couples Trade

Ending formations: Two-faced Line

Timing: 3

Styling: Each couple maintains their handholds

Comment: From a Grand One-Faced Line, Couples Hinge ends in Right-Hand Two-Faced Lines (i.e., lined up with each other and not offset).

Facing Couple or Ocean Wave Rule: Neither rule applies

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